"Carol took me to the next level in my business. Just because we are good at what we do, does not make us good at running a business. I knew I did not have the accounting know how but I did not realize what a HUGE impact that had on me. Seemingly small tweaks changed the whole dynamic of my business and took off so much pressure. When she said "we would find the money leaks", I silently "poo pooed" thinking that there were none in MY business. Suffice it to say there were and I was the cause!

This was the best money I ever spent!"

Lesley S.

Monkey Joe Speak

"The Serious Business Owners Roundtable showed me the short path to my business prosperity by helping me set my business up right from the start. Putting the right team in place and laying out the business that I want from the start was huge.

Goal setting was huge in launching my business and making a profit. When I speak of goal setting, I’m not talking about surface goals. I’m talking about being really clear on what I want from both the business and personal. Once I got clear on my goals and my company purpose, my products and services came together. Then my ideal clients became clear, who I want to serve and where I would find them. Next was the financial piece and putting together my actual numbers and projections. Then understanding the numbers and what they are telling me so I make fact based decisions is huge.

Doing this work took the guess work out of business for me and I know saved me thousands of dollars and many sleepless nights. I know what I need to do and I know how to do it and for me that is priceless!

I began the Serious Business Owners Roundtable feeling anxious and fearful of my venture. That fear and anxiety have been replaced with confidence and knowledge. I now know that the sky really is the limit.

Carol walks you step by step through each of the seven areas of business that build your business foundation that fits perfectly together and for business to work it must fit together.

If you’re in business and want to stay in business you must do this work.

Carol makes the process easy to understand and is there to answer questions and provide honest insight into your business. She is easy and fun to work with and has made the process special. She really cares about what you are going through and the steps that lay ahead.

Working with the Serious Business Owners has provided a place where we could share what we were going through, where we were struggling and what was going well. It has been a very safe place to share some of our concerns as well as the ah-ha moments that we encountered. It has been nice knowing you aren’t alone in what you are doing and that someone else is having the same questions and concerns."

Cindee H. NASM-CPT

Higher Power Fitness, LLC

"The Serious Business Owners Roundtable was a great help to us. We learned so much. To start with, how to evaluate our results and reallocate our budget. We now have the tools we need so we can refine our business and the confidence to make the changes we need to make. We have put so many things in place to grow our business and make it work well for us and we started doing this immediately. We are looking forward to making more money and not killing ourselves doing it. What we learned on the first call was worth the investment in the program."

John and Chris F.

"Anyone who is starting a business would benefit from the Serious Business Owners Roundtable. It is also excellent for experienced entrepreneurs. Carol was a great help streamlining my business message. In addition I now have an excellent action plan for the year. My entire team is enjoying knowing we are going to reach our goals and the specific steps along the way."

Marcy H.

Vision Wealth Management

Investment Advisor Representative

Securities offered through LPL Financial

"After many years in business, The Serious Business Owners Roundtable really opened my eyes to what it takes to have a business. I learned how all the parts of the business like the legal and accounting fit together and how important that is. I gained clarity on what my business is actually offering and the value to my community. I now know that this is a business and I have to make business decisions. I address what isn’t working and now I have the tools to do that. I learned the main pieces of business and how to get everything going in the same direction to make it all work. There are always going to be things that happen and now I have the tools to address what comes my way and not let it stop me or hold me back. The small group experience was really important to me as I learned that I am not alone and I’m not the only one struggling. Business is complicated. It takes a lot to make it all come together. I highly recommend the Serious Business Owners Roundtable."

Julie S.

The Cottage

"As a business owner, I tend to jump around and lose focus and this program taught me what I must know and do so my business works for me. For me getting real with my numbers was my biggest challenge. When I did this work with Carol’s support, I discovered that I was no longer afraid of the numbers. The number were simply a guide to help me in making better business decisions both short term and long term.

The Serious Business Owners Roundtable was an incredible experience. Going in to this program, I was afraid to understand the numbers because of the judgment I would place on myself. I was sure I would find that I had not done things right so it was easier to avoid the reality of what was happening in my business. Carol creates this safe place within her roundtable where I was seen and heard…a place to talk about what is really happening in my business without judgment. Today I look forward to this piece of my business because numbers are real and the fear is gone.

Another problem I face, as a business owner, is that I have piles of stuff, feel lost about what to do, because I believe I can never get this all together. The program was presented in an organized, step-by-step way that, for me, was priceless. Everything I learned each week, on the calls, I took and applied to my business and never had to guess what to do with the information. Working with Carol, my piles are gone and I can see what is possible for me.

Results Speak:
I now have a clear system for understanding my numbers which allows me to make better business decisions. I am now entering my financial results each month and using this information to make business decisions which translates to more confidence, better results, and time to love my business and my life!"

Mary S.

Life Coach

"Working with you is a dream come true. Thank you so much for such a wonderful conversation and being everything one would hope for in a business coach who does what you do. I would love to clone you sometime after the first of the year once my ducks are more in a row. Carol met me right where I was at in my former virtual assistance business.  Her heart for those she works with is far greater than  I hoped it would be.  Her wisdom, not only in how small business really works, but also in how real life happens, helped me muster the courage to do what I've wanted to for years:  Write.  Just write.  And enjoy my life, too.  What a concept!  The clarity I've gained makes it much easier for people to understand exactly how I can help them.  It's helped my improve everything, straight across the board."

Jeri J.

Chief Ideator


"I met and started working with Carol Frink just over three years ago when I was getting ready to start my home decor business. I could not have started my business without Carol. I knew exactly what I wanted for a business and the products, location, store image, branding and displays I knew really well.

As it got closer to the opening of my business, I realized that there was another side of business that I wasn’t at all sure about….the actual running of the business. Carol walked me through a step-by-step process that helped me create a road map for my business so I could see where I was and where I was going. She showed me the path to get there which I couldn’t figure out or see on my own and stuck with me throughout the journey.

This was a huge weight off my shoulders as I knew what I needed to do in my business from day one forward. Her knowledge, patience and encouragement, to me, were priceless!"

Julie P.

Let Us Feather Your Nest

"I loved the Serious Business Owners Roundtable group calls and hearing from everyone in the group talk about their business and what was going on. It was so motivating. The Serious Business Owners Roundtable made us communicate and set goals for our business so we can stay fresh and keep the business moving forward.

I loved the way the Serious Business Owners Roundtable addressed every aspect of business and doing the work made us think about each part of our business more than once and in more than one way. The most profound part was identifying and getting clear on who our ideal client is so we know who we are looking for and have the marketing message our ideal client hears. This was big stuff for us!

The Serious Business Owners Roundtable made us want more structure in our business so we have time to work on our business instead of spending all our time working in the business."

Dena S. and Cherise M.

Pendleton Art and Frame

"The Serious Business Owners Roundtable has done wonders for me. It is an investment in time and money! It isn't easy to sit down and do the work and learn how to work on your business but it is worth it! The Serious Business Owners Roundtable gives you back 10 times more than your investment. I have total control and I am charting the course of my business.

The Serious Business Owners Roundtable really opened my eyes. Just because you're in business and have been in business for a long time doesn't necessarily mean you know how your business is doing financially or how to read the figures! I always thought I was well-versed in business and found out I had a lot to learn. I had no idea how to access the business or see what it really could do. I watch the income and I watch the bottom line but I didn't know what to do to make them better. I thought that what I had was just the way it was. I now understand my business and how the money piece of my business works.

With Carol's help I have improved my income and profit several thousands of dollars per month. I have a monthly budget and I have projected revenue. I know how to manage my expenses within my budget and I know how to increase the revenue in my business. I have a plan. It is so exciting to see it work and to see the figures that I never dreamed were possible. I have options and I can clearly see what my business can do.

When things aren't going how you planned and you are frustrated Carol is there to help things get under control and on the right track! Carol is a great friend and inspiration and you can tell her anything about your business and know that it is kept confidential. She is never judgmental.

Carol is like the Horse Whisperer for you and your business. I love the one on one help you got from Carol during class. I also enjoyed getting to know other business people from our area and understanding that we all go through the same issues running our business.

I would have to say my Ah-ha moment was seeing that my business really has been profitable I just needed to learn how to understand all the figures and where they go. The change my business is been immediate! The first three months of this year we have taken an owners draw plus saved money for taxes in advance and are putting away for capital improvements! This is huge!

I would have to say if you were thinking about the class and are worried about the cost or the time like I was to reconsider it is life-changing for you and your business!"

Sandi N.

North Star Storage

"The Serious Business Owners Roundtable is an excellent program. It provides the education needed to have an intelligent/informed conversation with your accountant, attorney, insurance agent or other business professional and to be able to fully utilize their services to improve your business. The Serious Business Roundtable is just that, serious business education. It touches on so many areas critical to running a business, defining your products and services, marketing, understanding financials, reviewing your business plan and setting goals. Carol’s instruction is superior and in addition, there is plenty of sharing and learning from the other members of the group. I highly recommend the Serious Business Owners Roundtable."

Nancy O., MBA

Owner, Simple Small Business Solutions

"The Serious Business Owners Roundtable was a huge eye opener for me. I cannot emphasize that enough! The tools I have now to really get a complete picture of my business and be able to analyze it have been life changing. Not to mention what a stress reliever it is to go through each part of my business and have these ahaa moments and realizations that have shown me the steps I need to take, in my business, to get where I want to be. The steps that Carol took us through were pretty amazing. I cannot tell you enough what an eye opener and great help this has been to me for my business. When I met Carol my business was consuming all my time and running me. Today, I’m running my business and have a step by step plan of where I’m going and how I’m going to get there."

Paula D.

Pendleton Coffee Bean

"The Serious Business Owners Roundtable taught me so much about business and specifically what I needed to do in my business. I learned that I really needed to sit down and take the time to make sure my business structure pieces were complete and implemented in my business so that the liability coverage I think I have is real.

I liked the online forum and how the calls and materials we would be covering were laid out so I could see what we would be covering and prepare for the group call. It also kept me on track with my homework. I loved the group calls and hearing from other business owners what was going on in their business and having a group of like-minded business owners to share ideas and bounce stuff off of.

There are different advisors that you need in your business and knowing that, getting the right advisors that know what you’re doing and where you’re trying to go is very important. Having an idea where you’re going and having that plan is huge to go back to and through. It is a blessing and keeps you moving forward.

Working with Carol one on one was beneficial to me as well as working with her during our weekly webinar class. She truly understands business; she knows what works and what doesn’t. I found the information I learned in Carol’s Real Business Solutions, to truly be a solution for our business."

Marcy H.

Holton's Secret Lab, LLC

"Carol Frink's Real Business Solutions is appropriately named: Carol is "real" and RBS does provide the solid framework for "business solutions".

Carol's personal business experience, her truly passionate and dedicated support of small businesses, and her exceptional communication skills combine for a transformational business management experience.

The program's focus and structure inspire the owner to address critical elements of business success . . . and to develop specific goals and strategies. Feedback from Carol and from other participants help clarify and enhance thought processes.

My wife and I brought three perspectives to our RBS experience:

  • colleague and partner of Carol’s in small business counseling
  • business owner anticipating "exit" strategies from a commercial fishing and marketing business
  • professional mental health counselor starting an independent clinic

From each of these perspectives we can heartily endorse Carol's program. The startup clinic in particular realized tremendous benefits from the program because all essential issues were addressed.

Carol is the heart of the Serious Business Owners Roundtable. She is genuine and passionate, caring and patient, completely prepared and full of encouragement. Carol meets us where we are and creates a safe place for exploring essential issues. This is Priceless!"

John A.


"Carol is friendly, knowledgeable, easy to work with, and she focuses on meeting your needs. She listens well to you, is very responsive and understanding. She uses a friendly business style free from high pressure tactics but still lets you know where you stand. Very professional. She provided great advice, information, resources and feedback in helping me get my business started. I am thankful for her. I highly recommend her for any new business start-up assistance."

John P.

"My husband and I purchased our business five years ago. Since we didn’t start the business we felt like we kind of inherited what was already in place. Taking the Serious Business Owners Roundtable really helped us find our business voice and showed us the value of building a solid foundation for our business.

It helped us get all of the stuff we had stored in our head down on paper. Things like writing down our company and personal goals showed us how important it is that these are in alignment with each other. Just writing down our goals got us in alignment with each other and really helped us analyze what our business does for us and how the work we are doing makes sense.

Putting action steps with our goals really helped us to get all the things we needed to get done like decide on a 401K program and benefit package, have the benefit meeting prior to December 31st and get all our employees enrolled prior to the end of the year which met our goal.

The financial training saved us thousands of dollars in taxes by making us look at our revenue and expenses, meet with our attorney and accountant, purchase equipment and things we needed in our business prior to year end.

Walking through the business structure module, I realized that our assumed business name had expired and I had not renewed it….oops!

The marketing section where we identified our Ideal Clients really helped us put into words the work we do and how we have positioned our company compared to our competition exactly what we do to stand out.

We are very clear on exactly where we are at in our business and the steps we need to take in our business to keep our business working well for us. This was an awesome experience for us and has given us the confidence and knowledge to make the right decisions for our business."

Melissa M.

Empire Painting