Intro to Business Money Management


Learn what your money is telling you about your business 

With Intro to Business Money Management, you will discover the exact tools you need to understand the financial aspect of your business once and for all.  This step-by-step educational program teaches you how to assess and account for expenses, revenue, cost of goods sold, and gross profit margin. By adding the often feared accounting terminology to your vocabulary, learning how to apply it to your business, and understanding what it tells you about the status of your business, you can begin to make smarter decisions based upon facts instead of emotion. This program will help you find and stop the money that’s going down the drain or as I call it leaking out of your business when it should be in your bank account working for you. Money leaks start as a slow drip like a leaky faucet and before you know it there is standing water on the ground.

The program includes:

  Strategy Session

In this 45-minute phone session, you will kick-off your program by one-on-one with Carol to explore the root of what’s happening in your business. Together, you will objectively look at your business situation, establish your vision for your financial future, and identify what you need in order to maximize your Intro to Business Money Management experience.

   Members-Only Online Forum

Within the private online forum, you easily download course material from anywhere you have Internet access.

  Hands-On Interactive Program

The interactive program features step-by-step learning, weekly assignments, audio lessons, worksheets, and easy to follow templates designed to teach you about your business finances one step at a time using a process you will repeat each week throughout the program.


  5 Small Group 90-Minute Sessions

Each themed group call develops a deeper understanding of a new financial element of your business. Led by Carol, these calls provide the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback directly from Carol and also from the other business owners on the call. The goal is to maximize your business growth with every call and learn from each other’s unique business situations.


The group session schedule includes a variety of essential topics:

 Call #1: Understanding Business Expenses

 Call #2: The Financial Equation of Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, and Gross Profit Margin

 Call #3: The Value Behind Your Income Statement

 Call #4: Deciphering Your Income Statement

 Call #5: Analyzing And Adjusting Your Financial Equation

Candidates for Intro to Business Money Management are ready to develop a deep understanding of their money situation, make real business decisions based on what their money is telling them and face the money elements of their business with their eyes wide open.