About Carol


Meet Carol Frink, Business Solutions Expert. Carol is well known for her spirited ability to turn complex situations into simple steps that real business owners can take to achieve outstanding results. She is a trusted business advisor, and expert in business development. She is the founder of REAL Business Solutions, LLC, an organization that brings business owners together to receive the help and support they need to build a business they really love.

The Business Expert: Developing The Foundation

Carol's passion for helping business owners achieve outstanding results was sparked early in her career, while working as a bank executive who interacted regularly with small business owners. After 13 years in Corporate America, the drive to do more became overwhelming; Carol began working with the Oregon State Small Business Development Network. In this role, she helped more than 1000 small business owners start, run, and grow successful businesses.

Carol's first independent business venture was a complete success, leaving her eager to find another. The second, however, left her trying to recover with $100,000 in debt and endless questions about how things could have gone so wrong. It was this experience that made Carol truly understand the plight of so many business owners: they run their businesses in a void of reliable support. Carol recalls wishing she had someone who she could bounce ideas off and turn to for advice when she got stuck.

The Voice of Reason: Establishing REAL Business Solutions

Carol established REAL Business Solutions to ensure that business owners could receive the help and support they need to build the business they want and achieve the income they deserve. She wants her clients to feel encouraged, understood, and, most importantly, like they are not alone.

Carol's clients often refer to her as "the voice of reason" and talk about how her programs make them feel like they have someone who truly understands what they are going through. After all, with more than 20 years of experience as a business owner, Carol has a unique perspective and keen ability to offer guidance based upon her first hand experience.

About Sarah

Social Media, Marketing, Advertising
Meet Sarah Frink, Marketing & Social Media Consultant. Sarah was born and raised in Eastern Oregon and attended College at Lewis & Clark State College in Lewiston Idaho on Presidential and Athletic Scholarship. Sarah left college to pursue a career in the Mortgage Industry and after only one year, at the age of 19, Sarah made her first six figure income. She realized early on that in order to be successful she would have to market herself and her skills to stand out in an Industry that was over saturated with average sales people and that’s exactly what she did.

After four years in Las Vegas Sarah decided to make a move closer to home and continue her career in Portland, Oregon. She went to work for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and once again had to market herself and her skills to stand out in the corporate world. After one year of hard work she became one of the Top Producers in Portland Metro Area for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and secured marketing agreements with large home builders in the area.

After Seven years in the Mortgage Business and the demands of a 7 day work week Sarah decided to take a hiatus from work and took a year off to travel the world.  She visited four continents and twenty eight countries in a year and has a plethora of stories to tell you about her travels along the way. She returned home and was offered her position back at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage where she originated loans for another year in preparation for hiatus number two to finish her degree in Business Sarah returned to the area this year and has joined the team at Real Business Solutions LLC as a Marketing and Social Media Specialist.

“I love to help people be successful. When the light switch comes on and there’s the “Aha” moment, when they see what is possible for their business and how big things can be by doing just a few things differently or by looking at something with a different set of eyes…I love that moment, that’s why I do what I do.” ~Sarah Frink